A Promoters
1 Name of unit
2 Name of the product
3 Constitution of unit
4 Capacity of product per shift
B Sister/Family /Existing concern
1 PAN card
2 ITR for last 3 years
3 Balance sheet & profit loss account since last 3 years duly audited by charted account if required(Provisional Balance &Profit and loss account for recent period if B/S is more then 6 months old)
4 Name & address of bankers  with account number
5 Repayment schedule & track of various loan availed in past / bank statement showing repayment of loan installment( for last12 Months)
C Land
1  For lease hold land : Allotment letter/ Lease deed/sale deed/Transfer letter
2 For converted land: sale deed ,Mutation entry in revenue record, Trace map of patwari ,conversion order /lease deed & document regarding proper approach road at site
3 Free hold land: Patta/ sale deed with title of all chain documents for last 30 years.
4 Registered rent deed in prescribed format in case of rented premises
5  Documentary proof regarding DLC rate and market rate of land in question
6  Site plan of land showing four boundaries and complete dimensions.
D Building
1  Building map from competent authority
E Plant & Machinery
1 Original quotation of complete P&M from three different reputed suppliers with following detailsComplete technical section which play major role in deciding cost of machine, Capacity of each machine, power requirement of each machine, Validity of quotation, Delivery period, Mode of supply, Nature of advance and TIN of supplier( From three different supplier for price comparison)
2 Catalogue & Price list of all the  P&M from original manufacturer
3  Dealership certificate in case the supplier is authorized dealer of original manufacturer
4  Complete name and addresses of units to whom the proposed supplier has already supplied similar P&M in past.
5 Performance certificate of similar P&M supplied by proposed supplier to other units from users(from any 2 users)
F Partnership Concern
1 Copy of partnership/ supplementary partnership deed as per prescribed Performa
2 Copy of firm registration certificate along with form E & entry U/S 60 of partnership act for change if any
G Company cases
1 Certificate of incorporation &  Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company
2 Prospects(in case of Public Ltd. company offering Share / Debenture  to public)
3 Share holding pattern
4 Form No. 32 for incoming & outgoing directors, if any
5 Certificate of commencement of business in case of public Ltd. Company
6 Search report regarding Registration/Modification and satisfaction of charge over company’s fixed assets and details regarding present directors of the company.
H Project
2 SSI/Renewed certificate/SIA certificate for medium scale units
3 NOC from Rajasthan state preventation & control of air/ water pollution board
4 Plant layout chart
5 Sources of availability of raw material
6 Number of similar units in the area with the installed capacity
7 Total connected load of the plant
8 Basis of Installed capacity mentioning Nose of days/annum, Nos. of shift/day, Nos. of hours/shift & efficiency for I,II,III years
9 Quantity of raw material, consumable ,packing material required with prevailing market rate for above capacity with supporting quotations
10 Details of  direct/Indirect staff required for the project along with rate salary/wages paid to each per month
11 Details of overhead expenses such as printing/stationery, Telephone, Travelling & Conveyance, Advertisement,
12 Detail quantity of finished product along with selling rate with supporting quotations
13 Process flow chart describing process of manufacturing in details
14 Registration of other Govt. deptt. if any